Project Statement

The Queens Art Express
2012 & 2013
QAX is a borough-wide event, hosted by the Queens Council on the Arts (QCA), focusing on artists living and working in Queens, NY.
QAX 2013: Block Party
Attenborough Naftel was asked to create an interactive installation as part of the Block Party. Block Party was an event to celebrate the move of the QCA to the new Astoria Arts District. QCA invited chefs, dancers, musicians, & visual artists from around the borough to activate this event in not-so-common ways. Our contribution to this was Stoopball Challenge, an over-sized Queens style stoop. These differ from what you would find in Brooklyn, much lower and more narrow, less ornate. 

QAX 2012: What If We Re-Made Domestic Policy?
In 2012 the QCA asked artists to rethink, reimagine, and redefine, US domestic policies. Three issues were selected, Housing, Economics, and Health Care. Holding to the mission of being a borough-wide event, QCA held three events in three locations in Queens each focusing on one of the topics. The first was Housing Policy at the Jamaica Center for Arts. The second Economic Policy at a vacant storefront in Long Island City. And last Health Care at Crossing Arts in Flushing. 
Attenborough Naftel was commissioned to come up with ways to document the audience's response to the exhibition, location, and opinions on each issue at each location.