Pressing Play 

August 2009
Huntly, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
To press, to press the issue, forcing a difficult or controversial subject that may be willfully ignored. To put weight on something, to stress importance, Pressing Play is a critical exploration of film and video work that uses play to address weighty issues such as sexuality, oppression, identity, desire and memory. Spontaneous and joyful, subersive or amusing, Roving Projects is pleased to present an energetic and dynamic showcase of film and video work. 
Pressing Play assembles a formidable group of international and national artists who are making a significant impact in film and video work. Featured artists are: Jessica Artman (US), Richard Bell (Australia), Azin Seraj (Iran/Canada), Clea Wallis and Paul Rous (UK), Sean Naftel (US), and Ash Branston (UK).
Curated by Stefanie Ford